Tips For Preparing For Your Professional Carpet Cleaning

Tips For Preparing For Your Professional Carpet Cleaning

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When you have arranged for your carpet to be professionally cleaned, there are a few things you can do before your appointment that will ensure that you receive the best service possible. Hiring a cleaning company is just the first step, by taking measures on your end to provide a best-case scenario for the technician will enable them to provide you with exceptional service. 

Parking Matters

Before your service can even begin, your technician will need a proper space to park that will afford them the ability to unload equipment easily. Having space prepared for your technician in advance can mean moving cars from a driveway, designating a spot on the curb that remains open for parking, or even calling the city and obtaining any permits needed for street parking. 

Vacuum Your Spaces

Once you have secured the perfect space for your technician to work from, it is time to prepare the spaces that they will be working in. While it may seem redundant, vacuuming your home prior to having the carpet cleaned is always a great idea. Most of the professional carpet cleaning equipment used can become clogged with debris that could have been removed before cleaning. If you vacuum your areas, you can make sure your technician spends time cleaning rather than unclogging equipment. 

Remove Small Items

Clear out small items that are on the floors, and make sure pathways are free from obstructions. Removing houseplants, toys, floor lamps, and anything small that sits on the carpet can expedite the cleaning process. You don’t have to remove items from the house altogether, find alternative places for them to be during the cleaning and drying of your carpet.

Consider Your Children & Pets

Find alternatives for your pets and small children that may get upset by the carpet cleaning equipment. Barking and agitated dogs can pose a nuisance at best and, at worst, a threat to the technician, make sure both remain safe by securing your pets away from the areas to be cleaned. Likewise, small children may become upset, and it is best to have arranged an alternative for them so that you can concentrate on being present for your technician on site. 

Take A Moment With Your Technician 

Do an initial walk-thru with your technician and point out troubled areas that are your greatest concern. The more information you can provide, such as type of stains, areas that receive the most considerable wear and tear, and furniture that should be treated with care will provide your technician with your expectations and allow for them to be more easily met. 

Trust The Professionals

Taking the time to prepare for your professional carpet cleaning service will ensure that you are expected to receive the results you desired. Snyder’s Carpet Care will exceed your expectations when it comes to providing the best in carpet cleaning services for your home or business. Call today to find out how we can have your carpet looking good as new.

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