Coppell Carpet Cleaning offers 5 tips for maintaining a clean carpet

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Coppell Carpet Cleaning Snyder’s Carpet Care offers tips for maintaining a clean carpet.

Homeowners make large investments in their carpets, so does it not make sense to do everything you can to prolong its life and beauty? Listed below are a few simple tips that can help:

  1. Vacuum weekly. Even better, vacuum daily depending upon the size of your family and whether or not you own a pet. This may seem like overdoing it, but think about the everyday dirt and grease that can land up on our carpets. Consistent vacuuming can decrease the probability of dirt, pollution and grease getting into the carpet.
  2. Attend to spots as soon as possible. Never leave spots sitting as stains such as pet vomit can sit in your carpet with acidic levels that wear away at your carpet’s fibers. An easy solution to something such as pet vomit is vinegar and water. It should work right away.
  3. Steam clean carpets at least once a year. Heavily trafficked areas should be steam cleaned every 6 months. You may also want to show your carpet cleaning company where spills are located or where heavy traffic often takes place.
  4. Scotch-gard at least once a year. Request your carpet cleaning company to do this for you. Scotch-guarding does not change the look of your carpet but will repel spills, resist soil and block stains. This will also limit the chance of reappearing spots.
  5. Have your air ducts cleaned to reduce filtration soil. Dirty air-ducts can eventually result in a film of dirt on your carpets called Filtration soil. This is extremely difficult to remove. Look around the edges of the wall and carpet to see if you can notice a darker tint near the wall. This may be due to dirty air-ducts.

Be sure to thoroughly interview your carpet cleaning company. Yo will want a company that is familiar with working on high end carpeting and keeping your home and belongings in excellent shape. Ask a few straightforward questions such as who will be coming out to service the carpet and how long has he or she been working for the company. You do not need an eighteen year old with no experience working with heavy equipment near your grandmas antique vase! Always hire professionals.

If you are at a point in your carpet’s life were its condition has gone past the point of no return, please feel free to contact me at 972-898-3886 for a free flooring estimate.

Coppell Carpet Cleaning Snyder’s Carpet Care has been providing quality Carpet Care in North Texas for over 13 years. Serving both residential and commercial clients. Our services extend to Cedar Hill, Desoto, Duncanville, Midlothian, Grand Prairie, Red Oak, Ovilla, Arlington, Mansfield, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, Carrollton, Coppell, Lewisville, Flowermound and Dallas county residents.

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