Water Damage Restoration

Whether you’ve experienced a burst water pipe, damaged supply line, water heater failure, or weather event, excessive water inside your home or business can cause major problems. Not only can it compromise the building materials in place and damage your personal property, but water also left unattended can accelerate the growth of dangerous mold.

Snyder’s Carpet Care is here to help!

Snyder’s Water Damage Restoration

Snyder’s Carpet Care specializes in water damage restoration removal, structural drying, content removal and cleaning, and demolition.

While inspecting water damage our team will:

  • Provide you with a completely free estimate & visual inspection
  • Begin the process of water extraction & removal
  • Place commercial-grade fans and dehumidifiers around your home to remove any extra moisture
  • Spray anti-microbial in areas that mold might grow
  • Remove all wet and saturated materials
  • Reconstruct your home to pre-loss condition
  • Help you file an insurance claim to get your loss covered with NO expense to you

In addition to removing standing water, Snyder’s superior equipment will be used to dry out materials left in place in order to reduce the number of repairs needed resulting from the water damage. Our certified water removal technicians employ the most efficient methods to dry out a structure and document the drying process in detail to ensure the most professional results. 

Not only are we here to give you peace of mind about the money you spend on services, but above all, we are here to put your home back together.

Expect nothing less than integrity and community from Snyder’s Carpet Care!