Tile and Grout Cleaning

Unsightly and potentially dangerous mold can grow on your tile and grout, and not even the most diligent regular mopping and cleaning can take care of this growth! By using heavy-duty truck-mounted equipment to blast ultra-hot water that breaks down soil, dirt, and mold particles, we guarantee we will leave your tile and grout looking brand new.


Tile & Grout Cleaning Dallas

We offer a complete, start-to-finish cleaning package:

  • Pre-treating the tile and grout areas with a heavy-duty grout cleaner
  • Hand-scrubbing the area to break down any soil and residue
  • Pressure–cleaning the tile and grout
  • If desired, applying sealant to the grout, increasing its lifespan


After cleaning your tile and grout, we recommend having your clean tile sealed. Hard surfaces that are unsealed or sealed with poor-quality sealers are an absorbing sponge for oil, food, or beverage spills, which can result in permanent staining. Proper sealing and maintenance can protect your flooring investment from permanent damage by creating an invisible barrier over the tile and grout.

Grout is very porous, and if neglected or improperly maintained, it can stain. If grout cleaning has been ignored for many years, it may not be possible to restore it to its original color.  For this reason, we can’t guarantee all stains will be removed. However, we do guarantee our work and professionalism.

Best Floor Cleaners Dallas

When you need tile and grout cleaning in the Dallas, TX area, it can be difficult to find the right company. Many people wouldn’t think of reaching out to a carpet cleaning company for tile and grout. However, carpet cleaners are experts at cleaning floors. The expert cleaners at Snyder’s Carpet Care already have the right equipment and products to handle the job.

Our experts strive to make sure they fully rejuvenate homeowners’ tile and grout. We deliver a level of cleanliness that can’t be achieved by at-home cleaning products.


Why You Should Hire Snyder’s Carpet Care to Clean Your Tile and Grout

The thought of cleaning your grout and tiles seems like a huge burden. Our expert cleaners at Snyder’s Carpet Care can take that weight off of your shoulders. We are some of the most reliable floor cleaners in the Dallas, TX area with many years of experience. You can trust a job done right when you hire Snyder’s Carpet Care.

Tile and grout are very beneficial investment for homeowners, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. This is because if there is a water spill or flooding, homeowners don’t have to worry about water damage to their floors. However, tile and grout need to be deep cleaned to stay in good condition.

If your tiles and grout don’t get deep cleaned professionally, those bumps and pores will harvest mildew and mold. This can cause the room to look dingy and have a funky odor. Soap scum from regular household cleaning products can also get stuck in these areas. No matter how much residue has built, the cleaners at Snyder’s Carpet Care will thoroughly remove it, bringing out the beauty of your tiles. After we are through, your tiles and grout will look brand new again.


Your Home’s Tiles and Grout Deserve a Top Level Cleaning

One of the main reasons a generic household cleaner is a wrong choice for deep cleaning tile and grout is that they aren’t designed for all types. When it comes to tiles, every home has something different. Tiles come in a variety of textures and materials. The right cleaner for one home’s tiles could be the wrong cleaner for neighbors.

This can make tile and grout cleaning more complicated than it needs to be. If you are not sure exactly which products are right for your tiles, you could create a bigger mess than you thought while cleaning.

The expert cleaners at Snyder’s Carpet Care are familiar with the different types of tiles in residential and commercial properties. We have many years of experience in floor cleaning, water carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and grouts, and know which products to use in each home for the most efficient deep cleaning method.

Don’t wait until your tiles and grout appear dingy to arrange a deep clean. Contact Snyder’s Carpet Care today to find out what we can do for your home.

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