Carpet Repair Services

Moving furniture, casual wear and tear, humidity, improper installation, pets… these are all factors in why your carpet may be in need of repair! Whether you need a patch job or power stretching of your carpet, look no further than Snyder’s to get it done the right way.


Snyder’s Carpet Repair

Installing carpet isn’t a one-man job and trust us, “kicking in” your carpet is no longer the way to go. At Snyder’s, we analyze your carpet to see where the repair is necessary, also taking into consideration special spots such as where glue and wax have gotten stuck in the fibers. Upon arrival, we determine if the repair is in one isolated area or if complete reinstallation of carpet is needed.

We keep affordability and integrity at the heart of all we do at Snyder’s, making sure the price our community pays is what they expect or better. We pride ourselves on our flexibility on the job, adjusting your services based on our analysis of your repair. Contact us at Snyder’s Carpet Care for your FREE Estimate of services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!