Don’t let stains get sucked into carpet fibers before you can clean it up. You can tell if the carpet has been treated with  Scotchgard®  when liquid tends to bead, sitting on top of the carpet so you can quickly pick them up with a paper towel.  Put simply, there is no better stain protection for your carpet than to have it professionally treated with Scotchgard®.


1. Simplifies Cleanup of Spills – Scotchgard protector helps keep spills from becoming hard-to-remove stains.  It repels liquids so they can be blotted up quickly and easily before they soak into carpet fibers or sink deeply into the carpet base. 2. Improves vacuuming – Vacuuming is more effective with Scotchgard™ Protector.  Dirt is more easily picked up, animal hair less difficult to remove and fewer passes are required with the vacuum. 3. Professional applications applied immediately after cleaning will help keep your carpets looking bright, freshly cleaned and spotless longer. 

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