Sadly, our beloved family pets can be your carpet’s worst enemy. As pet owners, we understand the frustrations your fur babies may cause.   Not only can our pets leave hair and dander behind in the carpets, but pet accidents can leave unsightly stains and odors. Pet urine orders can be especially frustrating as the lingering odor is very hard to eliminate on your own. It can also cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics, and it can create an unhealthy indoor environment. While you may be the wiser to hire a carpet cleaning company to fix the problem, many companies only clean the surface. What happens is that although the carpet now looks and smells okay, which leaves you to believe the threat of bacteria has been removed, the basic service of many carpet cleaning companies merely masks the offending odor, leaving the bacteria behind in the carpet’s deeper parts. In addition to the problems of pet urine in floors, we also tackle stains that come with other pet accidents from vomit and feces. At Snyder’s Carpet Care, we get to the cause of the odor– actually cleaning the carpet at every level possible.  

How else are we different?

We offer a non-toxic pet stain and odor removal system that sanitizes, breaks down enzymes and deodorizes your carpets and furniture. Don’t let pet accidents come between you and your pets. Get your FREE ESTIMATE now to get rid of the odors and stains!

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