Pattern Protection Only Goes So Far

Pattern Protection Only Goes So Far

Pattern Protection Only Goes So Far

January 16, 2020 7:50 pm Published by

Depending on who you talk to, it’s either a brilliant way to keep your home looking better, or a lazy approach to property maintenance.

Many property owners choose to install carpeting, tile and other flooring that is not one solid color, but a mishmash of different shades, tints and hues.

The most common reason for this is that these patterns tend to hide small amounts of dirt or debris. The same kinds of grime that will show up clearly on a single-color surface will be partially obscured by one of these pattern designs, and that’s why manufacturers, from linoleum makers to carpet weaving companies, have offered these types of useful patterns to shoppers. It’s a long term strategy that’s pretty popular.

However, this patterned flooring move is far from a panacea. In too many situations, it leads property owners to avoid the deep cleaning that they need to do for optimal indoor air quality and sanitation. It’s harder to see dirt and contamination when it’s shielded by one of these patterns, so people just tend to ignore the issue.

Snyder Carpet’s Step-by-Step Cleaning Process

The only way to really get carpeting or any flooring clean is to approach it with a thorough and dedicated strategy for not only surface cleaning, but for deep cleaning as well.

At Snyder’s Carpet Care, we stand by our multi-step process that’s effective in restoring your carpeting to its former glory. Whether it’s single-color or patterned carpet, you’ll have brilliantly clean, luxurious and new-looking flooring that’s finally free from the accumulated dirt and detritus of years of use – or, if you get regular cleaning service, your carpet will stay in that new and pristine condition.

Quality Control

We’ve put a lot of research into our carpet cleaning methods, and the result is that we are able to offer a truly amazing result. A better, smarter approach to cleaning yields real benefits, as you’ll see when we’re done.

Anyone who’s used to low-cost, low-tech carpet cleaning methods is going to be astounded at how clean you can get used carpeting and flooring with in-depth cleaning based on modern tools and technologies.

All Around the Area

At Snyder’s Carpet Care we help customers in Addison, Benbrook and Cedar Hill to get bright, shining floors and clean, comfortable carpets. We run up to Colleyville, Garland, Lavon and Plano, and we’re often seen in Lowry Crossing, Mansfield, and River Oaks – our fleet knows the streets of Saginaw, University Park, Southlake, Sunnyvale, Desoto… you get the picture. We’re all around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Give us a call! We’re proud of our process and we want you to see how it works. Let Snyder’s Carpet Care help you to get your home or property properly cleaned!

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