McKinney Carpet Cleaning Company Helps Organize Spring Cleaning III

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McKinney Texas Carpet Cleaning Company, Christine Snyder of  Snyder’s Carpet Care offers tips on how Spring Cleaning May Require Vacuums, Spot Removers and Deodorizers

How to Buy a Vacuum Cleaner: The best way to buy a vacuum cleaner is to review Consumer Reports and make some decisions about what kind of vacuum cleaner you need for your space.  You can join ConsumerReports.Org for a monthly charge of just $5.95 or $26.00 a year and have access to a wide variety of information 24/7.  Here is what they suggest you consider in buying vacuum.  First  understand what all of your cleaning needs, then select the type of vacuum that is best for you.  A carpet sweeper might suffice for light surface cleaning on a daily or alternate day basis, but if you have deep carpet and stairs you will probably want a canister vacuum or an upright.  Avoid stick vacuums except for the light or quick cleaning jobs.  Consumer Reports suggests you consider:

1)    Weight – which varies from 10 lbs. up to 24 lbs or 30 lbs with water.

2)    Pushing Force – varies from 2.1 pounds up to 10.1 pounds, try it out at the store and compare two or more.

3)    Retractable cords make is easier to vacuum and saves rewinding.

4)    Tools – A crevice tool, an upholstery tool, a powered brush for stairs, dust and brush for hard surfaces are needed for most home cleaning.

5)    Low emissions (meaning they don’t pump dirt and dust back into the air).  While a HEPA filter traps more particles it is ultimately the design of the vacuum which is the critical factor in reducing emissions.  Emptying a bag less vacuum may put more dust back in the air.

6)    Noise varies widely and does not indicate more power.  Noise below 85 decibels is best.  This should be indicated in the information on the vacuum.

7)    Vacuums should provide a height adjustment for floor types as well as a power nozzle for Canister types.

8)    Reliability rankings are also provided in Consumer Reports based on number of repairs, breakdowns.

9)    Price – The higher priced ones may not be the best ones for your space, check CR recommendations.  You can still get a great vacuum for $300; there are many that are lower priced but may not meet all your needs.

How to Remove Carpet Stains: According to ConsumerSearch.com and Consumer Reports.org you should first identify the type of stain from one of four categories:  Protein (blood, egg, milk), Tannin (fruit juice, tomato and coffee), Dye (berry, grass and mustard) and Greasy (oils, grease, wax).  Lipstick and crayon are sited as falling into two categories making them harder to remove entirely.


1)    Treat the stain as soon as possible, preferably immediately, and use cool water to keep it damp if you do not have stain removal products readily available.

2)    Use the right product for the job.  Some stain removers are meant for clothing, some for rugs, some for upholstery, some may be used differently to treat different types of stains.  Take extra care with dye stains as these are usually the hardest to remove.

3)    When treating the stain, try to avoid putting more stuff into the carpet then you are trying to pick up.  Instead of spraying anything directly on the carpet, try spraying it on your soft, absorbent cotton material and then use this to blot and wipe up the stain.  The less stuff you can put into the carpet the less stuff you will need to take out.  Saturating the carpet with spray only helps dissolve the stain and move it deeper into the carpet.  Use blotting and fresh absorbent, white towels if possible, to repeatedly suck up the stain.

4)    After the stain is removed gently blot the area and surrounding with cool water to pick up the residue and even out the dampness.  You can dry with a hair blower and comb the carpet to see the results.

5)    Avoid breathing vapors of cleaners, contact with skin, eyes or mucous membranes.  Most warn of inhalation hazards, and do not induce vomiting if ingested.  Always ensure there is adequate ventilation and call the 24-hour safety hotline in case of abuse or excessive exposure.

Cleaners we like:

The truth about Carpet Fresh and other powder deodorizers:   While these powders do absorb odors they also often result in a certain amount of powder sinking into the carpet and even the sprays may build up a residue on and in the carpet, especially when they are over-used as they often are.  Sometimes, over use results in making the carpet stiff.  Then when we use hot water extraction to clean the carpet we might get a phone call from the Customer about a “white powder” on the surface of the carpet.  This is a result of overuse of these products but there are other concerns.  Here is an excerpt of the MSDS  Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet Carpet Fresh powder.

In using this product it is prudent to avoid eye contact and prolonged direct contact with skin and clothing. Wash hands after use. Symptoms of Overexposure: Inhalation: Excessive inhalation of dust may cause minor irritation of nose, throat and upper respiratory tract. Skin Contact: Sensitive individuals may experience mild skin irritation on prolonged contact. Eye Contact: Direct eye contact may cause mild irritation. Ingestion: Swallowing large amounts may cause gastrointestinal irritation with nausea and diarrhea. This product has low oral acute toxicity. Chronic Effects: None known. Medical Conditions Aggravated by Exposure: Pre-existing respiratory, skin and eye disorder.

You may want to find an alternative way to eliminate odors or provide another scent in your home.   If you have pets we suggest having your carpets cleaned more often, say every 3-6 months to minimize odors.


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McKinney Texas Carpet Cleaning Company Christine Snyder  of Snyder’s Carpet Care provides all types of floor care.  Serving both residential and commercial clients.  Our services extend to Cedar Hill, Desoto, Duncanville, Midlothian, Grand Prairie,  Red Oak, Ovilla, Arlington, Mansfield, Lewisville, Coppell, Flowermound, McKinney, Frisco and Dallas county residents.

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