“Just Put a Rug Over It” … ?

“Just Put a Rug Over It” … ?

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A woman called us up.

“We had a little bit of a rowdy party in the sunroom,” she said. “We had a pretty significant wine stain on the carpet.”

When she asked her husband what to do about it, she said, he was nonchalant.

“Just throw a rug over it,” he said.

The problem, as we found out when we visited, was that there were other stains on the carpet, too – not as dramatic, but spread over a larger area. That’s not uncommon as carpet wears. You have your assorted types of grime that happen to your carpet over the years. 

Anyway, after agonizing about it for a while, she called us.

Here’s the thing about just putting a rug over your carpet.

Some people like it, and some people don’t.

It’s not unheard of to add an attractive area rug over solid-color carpet, but there are a few issues. The carpet can move if you don’t add a stabilizing mat underneath. In some cases, the carpet can’t breathe very well, and that may introduce other problems.

And while some people like the look of layered flooring, other people think it’s kind of like putting on patchouli instead of taking a shower.

The good news is that you don’t need to throw a rug over your carpet when it starts looking bad. You can call Snyders.

When we talk about “fighting dirty,” we’re talking about a proven multistep process for cleaning carpet and making it look new again. In the above example, we were able to fully remediate the wine stain and everything else, and make the carpet look like it had just been installed. Problem solved.

You can read about our process on the website, but a large part of what relies on is this multistep procedure that treats spots and focuses on each particular area of the carpet, to get the deep cleaning that really restores the excellent look and sanitation of freshly cleaned carpeting on the floor. That’s not something you necessarily get just by renting a carpet cleaner at your local supermarket. Like other kinds of top-tier home maintenance, there are some handy techniques and capabilities that are mostly done only by the pros. 
Whether you’re rehabbing a rental unit for a new tenant or trying to make your own home look spectacular, give us a call and we’ll help! Snyders Carpet Care LLC has the tools and the talent that you need to get your home looking worlds better. Call a trusted name in cleaning in the Dallas, TX area. We’ll get you all set up.

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