How to Get Rid of Bad Smells and Odors – Forever!

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Dallas Texas Carpet Cleaning Company, Christine Snyder of  Snyder’s Carpet Care offers tips on How to Get Rid of Bad Smells and Odors – Forever!

Does your home stink with odors from pets, smoke, chemicals, cooking or other bad smells?  There is a safe, environmentally friendly solution:

Fresh Wave IAQ“.

Unless you wear a clothes pin like the fellow in the picture, your efforts to change the odors in your home were probably “cover-ups.”   In fact, most of us have been participating in a massive cover up with candles, oils, incense, plug-in scenters, potpourri, chemical sprays, granular sprinkles, all of which only mask the odors or add an alternative smell to the underlying bad odor.  Unfortunately, when these products wear out the bad odors come back.  Sometimes our cover-up smells don’t even mask the bad odors but just add another smell to the mix, giving your home its own unique odor.  Many of my friends in real estate can tell at least one story of a house that smelled so bad it sat vacant a very long time.  Nobody wants to buy a house with a bad odor or smell.  As an owner of three dogs, I know you can get a lot of bad smells from pets but you no longer have to live with them. Can you say “Hoo-Rah?”

Fresh Wave IAQ takes care of that.

I’ll summarize this great product here and why we recommend it and use it for our customers.  One of them had this to say:

SS Properties,  Steve Sawyer had a severe cat odor in a home and did a topical pet treatment and the smell was still profound.  Then placed 3 samples of the Fresh Wave gel by the cold air return and left the air on and in a few days the smell was gone, forever.

Fresh Wave  IAQ Air & Surface Liquid is a natural, non-toxic product, a green product that exceeds all the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards.  It proved to be safe in all aspects which is something most of the popular spray and powder products used for carpet odors cannot say; yet Fresh Wave IAQ is more effective.

Fresh Wave IAQ was originally developed to get rid of industrial-strength odors from waste treatment plants or chemical processing factories. Its unique chemistry bonds to and then digests the worst organic and inorganic odors for complete removal. It doesn’t mask odors—it destroys them at the molecular level.  It is made from a compound including a proprietary blend of essential plant oils, a food-grade emulsifier and water.   It neutralizes the molecule of the bad odor which is what we smell and breaks it down so that it cannot return.  Fresh Wave IAQ is not flammable, not an irritant and requires no special safeguards in using it as it is completely safe for people, pets, confined spaces, cars or anywhere you need to remove odors.  It is also great for fire, smoke or flood damage odors.

Because Fresh Wave IAQ is such a great product we recommend it to our customers where deep down odors may be present.  When combined with a topical cleaning treatment for carpets they not only look clean but smell clean.

eliminating odors from floors, even hardwoods, carpets, upholstery, rooms or anywhere that odors seem to be prevalent, even in the air ducts.   Even if your odors are coming from your drain pipes Fresh Wave IAQ can help to eliminate smells from the air in your home.   Oh, yes, it even gets rid of skunk odors and anything that smells just as bad, but please remove the skunk from the house before you call us.

You can order Fresh Wave IAQ here:

Have any questions?  Please call us at:  972-898-3886


Our Top Ten List of How to Know If Your House Has Bad Odors

10.     When people come to visit they always suggest you talk on the front porch or back deck.

09.     People visiting in your home often bring and use one of those little in-flight bags they kept after their last airline trip.

08.     People refuse to enter your home at all including your parents.

07.     For birthdays, anniversaries and holidays you continually receive presents of perfumes, scented candles and oils and incense.

06.     The EPA has put signs in your yard alerting people to possible toxic waste hazards.

05.     Your dog keeps running away and has to be dragged home.

04.     Your cat sleeps in the litter box.

03.     The FAA has issued a “No Fly” order over your house.

02.     Your house can be seen from space as a green mushroom cloud.

01.     You have been recognized as the leading customer of “Plug-Ins” and invited to become the company spokesperson.


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