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Carpet Cleaning Company, Christine Snyder of Snyder’s Carpet Care offers tips on how to keep your carpets clean over the holidays.

It’s time for the holidays and that means lots of preparation and cleaning. Along with the rest of the house your carpets may need some special attention. Whether the culprit is your sister and her four dirty kids or the live Christmas tree that you are dragging through your house, your carpets can take a beating.

For those of you who want the good old fashioned live Christmas Trees, take some precautions. When you purchase your tree you can buy a bag that goes around the bottom. This provides some added protection from water leaks and when it’s time to clear out the tree you can decrease the amount of pine needles on your carpet, as it makes as a giant garbage bag that envelops the tree.

Watch those candles! Most of us will be feeling more in the spirit and be using more candles. If you find candle wax on your carpets try the old brown bag trick. Take a brown bag place it over the wax then iron it on a low heat, the bag should absorb the wax. If you forget the brown bag you might just be buying yourself a new carpet for the holidays, so never put an iron directly on your carpet.  Another trick if you do not have a brown paper bag is a very moist white towel put it over the Candle wax and put the iron on the towel,(do not let the towel dry out) the wax will be pulled up into the towel, so no using Grandmas favorite towel.  Some times colored wax can cause a die transfer if this happens just call Snyder’s Carpet Care and we can take care of that for you by performing a carpet repair for you.

Around the holidays you may see lots of powder based scents and cleaners for your carpet. For example, Christmas tree scented room de-odorizer or Cinnamon Vanilla carpet cleaners. Try and stay away from the powders and use a product such as Febreeze sprays The powders can build up in your carpet and create a hardening of the carpet fibers when steam cleaning.  You can also buy a Scentsy Warmer which is safer than candles and does not produce filtration residue like a candle would.  Go to www.scentsy.com

Some people get their carpets cleaned before the holiday company arrives so that everything can be picture perfect. Others have the idea to let the company come make the mess and get the carpets cleaned when the company leaves. This way if your sister’s kids do spill grape juice it’s not on your nice clean carpets. Naturally, this is up to the homeowner’s preference but either way carpet cleaning should be in your picture for the holidays. As always, be sure to discuss what new stains may have been created with your carpet cleaning company.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Snyder’s Carpet Care!

Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning Company Christine Snyder of Snyder’s Carpet Care provides all types of floor care.  Professional Carpet Cleaning, Carpet repairs, 24 Hour flood Service, New Carpet, Wood, tile, Laminate Sales/ Installation.  We have been providing quality Carpet Care in North Texas for over 8 years.  Serving both residential and commercial clients.  Our services extend to the Entire DFW metroplex, Dallas, Cedar Hill, Desoto, Duncanville, Midlothian, Grand Prairie, Red Oak, Ovilla, Arlington, Mansfield and Dallas county residents.

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