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Frisco Carpet Cleaning Company, Christine Snyder owner of Snyder’s Carpet Care talks about ways to make environmentally friendly flooring choices.

Earth Day was celebrated last week and it seems as though Going Green is a hot topic this month! It can be a little overwhelming at times to figure out what is the right thing to do in terms of the environment. Just when you think you got it down someone gives you new information that you’re doing it all wrong. For instance, did you know that it’s considered more environmentally friendly to take your car to the car wash then to do it at home? The car wash will use less water then you will and the runoff from the chemicals and dirt won’t go into your neighbor’s yard.

So this week we’ve tried to pin down some information on green carpeting and flooring. Yes, there are even environmental flooring concepts to add to your list of socially responsible tasks.

Choosing a company for any type of green project can be difficult. Let’s face it; any company can say they are eco-friendly.  You’ll want to look at some key factors. Does the company appear to be socially responsible and do they attempt to manufacture products in an environmentally friendly way. How about their distribution process and packaging? Companies that use local products for example are seen as more environmentally responsible. How about the products; are they made with renewable materials or are they recyclable? One of our featured products of the month was Konecto, while this is vinyl and not a renewable material they do attempt to use recycled materials where they can.  Also, check the toxicity levels of any flooring. Bamboo is a popular environmentally friendly material, yet you’ll have to make sure the formaldehyde content is low; some levels exceed indoor air quality standards.

Popular flooring products and how they hold up to eco-friendly standards:

  • Carpeting- Green carpets and area rugs are low-emitting and made from natural fibers (i.e., wool, jute) or with a high content of recycled synthetic fibers. Area rugs versus wall to wall carpeting are recommended but you have to take into account your personal preferences and the design of your home. The carpet industry is addressing environmental concerns and we should see more and more green friendly products on the market.
  • Linoleum is made from linseed oil, cork dust, wood flour, tree resins, ground limestone and pigments, all pressed onto a jute backing. Linoleum is also easy to clean and requires less water for cleaning. One small environmental setback about this product is that it is typically made in Europe and needs transport, increasing the use of fuels and adding to pollution.
  • Stone is of course renewable and recyclable. Eco-friends suggest buying locally, avoiding imported stone and excess transportation. Also, look for stone that does not have to be sealed. If using a sealer, select a low-VOC product (less than 200 g/L of VOCs, per SCAQMD Rule 1113).
  • Tile is made from durable renewable or recycled materials. Again, it is advised to avoid imports and buy locally, thus cutting down on fuel and the overall impact of transport.
  • Wood Flooring is a natural material, renewable resource and durable. Please see our blog on Alamo for a flooring company that maintains green practices.

All of these environmentally friendly efforts are done to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth. Carbon imprint is a way to measure your activities and the impact they have on the environment.  Your best effort can be made by educating yourself as a consumer and trying to do your best. As in some of the examples above you’ll see that even the best environmentally friendly products can have their downsides. (i.e., formaldehyde use) To calculate your carbon footprint visit http://www.nature.org/initiatives/climatechange/calculator/.

If you are interested in going green with your flooring you can speak with a specialist at Snyder’s Carpet Care and Carpet Direct.

Frisco Carpet Cleaning Company Christine Snyder owner of Snyder’s Carpet Care talks about ways to make environmentally friendly flooring choices.  Professional Carpet Cleaning, Carpet repairs, 24 Hour flood Service, New Carpet, Hardwood, tile, Laminate Sales/ Installation.  We have been providing quality Carpet Care in North Texas for over 8 years.  Serving both residential and commercial clients.  Our services extend to the Entire DFW metroplex, Dallas, Cedar Hill, Desoto, Duncanville, Midlothian, Grand Prairie, Red Oak, Ovilla, Arlington, Mansfield, Frisco, Mckinney and Dallas county residents.

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