Coppell Hardwood Flooring Company tips on choosing new flooring

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Coppell Texas Hardwood flooring Company, Christine Snyder agent of Carpet Direct offers some hints on how to choose flooring for your home.

Choosing what type of flooring you need can be confusing, there is so much information out there and sometimes it’s contradictory. The bottom line is no one can decide what’s best for your house better than you. So we have compiled some questions to help you make an educated choice when choosing between hardwoods, carpeting, tile, or laminate flooring.

  • What is your personal preference? Is style more important to you or comfort? Some people demand hardwood appeal for their home while others really love the soft feel of carpet under their feet.
  • Where will the flooring be placed? Damp areas, high traffic areas? You’ll need to take a good look at where you want flooring placed. You may want to choose a tile for areas such as a kitchen or porch where you can expect water spills. How about heavy traffic areas, carpeting will wear down sooner than expected in high traffic areas. You may want to consider a mix of carpeting and hard woods, for example hardwoods for the hallways and carpeting for the bedrooms. (Tip: But all flooring, carpet or wood can last a very long time when properly maintained!)
  • Do you have children? The first time your toddler spills grape juice on your carpeting or gives the carpet a haircut can be upsetting. A lot of people choose hardwoods to avoid these scenarios but you may also want to consider safety and comfort. Children fall a lot and run around barefoot constantly, would you rather have them falling on carpet or hardwood? Also, heat and cold will be absorbed by the carpet removing it from you and your child’s feet.
  • Are their allergy issues in your family? Carpeting collects dust but it can also act as somewhat of an air filter, trapping the allergens. If you have a good HEPA vacuum and have your carpets cleaned regularly you should not have a problem. With hardwoods the dust collects on the top of the floors and gets knocked around frequently. If you do go with hardwoods make sure to dust frequently.
  • Do you have pets? Expensive hardwoods and two or three dogs can spell disaster. The dog’s nails can scratch the floors up on a daily basis. If you have dogs, keep their nails trim or consider a product such as Konecto which has hard wood appeal but is made of a durable vinyl, or maybe even laminate flooring very durable for children and pets. Some wood floors now have an aluminum oxide finish which prevents scratches. Ask your Carpet Direct agent about select finishes. (Alamo has an Aluminum oxide finish)
  • What is my budget? Hardwoods can definitely be more expensive. You may want to consider how long you plan on staying in your home. Will you be putting your home on the market anytime soon; hardwoods have great sale appeal? (Keep in mind that Carpet Direct helps you save 30%-60% off retail)

After taking some of these important considerations into mind you can decide which flooring appeals to you the most and which is most practical for your home. The staff at Carpet Direct will be happy to discuss with you all your considerations and help you find a product that fits with your lifestyle.

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