Common Incentives to Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Comparing the Top Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

Common Incentives to Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

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Cozy comfort has made carpet a preferred flooring product over the years and professional carpet cleaning is a part of routine maintenance. Many people often wait until carpets appear dingy or dirty to call a company like Snyder’s Carpet Care, but professional cleaning is recommended every 6-12 months depending on conditions. Regular vacuuming is essential to carpet care, but the merits of professional carpet cleaning should not be overlooked. They extend way beyond pretty looking floors.

Improved Air Quality

Dirt, dust, debris, and allergens automatically settle into your carpet which can give your home a musty smell. Regular vacuuming removes some of these items, but it doesn’t get down deep where debris accumulates. Think of carpet as clothing for your home. If you were to roll back part of your carpet, you’d be surprised to see how much dirt and debris has worked its way through the carpet to settle on the subfloor below.

The American Lung Association (ALA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) both cite dirty carpet as a major source of indoor pollutants that can adversely affect the respiratory system. Professional carpet cleaning utilizes a variety of techniques to penetrate deep into carpet and remove accumulated contaminates.

Prevent Mold

Dirt and odors aren’t the only things that tend to get trapped in your carpet. If you have pets or live in an area that gets a lot of precipitation, your carpet may also trap moisture that can promote the growth of mold. Not only can this ruin your carpet, but it can also be hazardous to your health. Moist carpet allows mold to develop and multiply rapidly as it feeds on the dust trapped deep within your carpet. It often goes undetected until you notice a musty smell or see dark spots on your floor. When left unchecked, mold can also rot and contaminate other areas of your home such as your subfloor.

Return On Investment

A thick plush carpet can help turn a house into a home. Your flooring is an investment that puts the finishing touches on your living quarters. The better it is cared for, the longer it will last and the more you’ll enjoy it. Having your carpet cleaned professionally on a regular basis helps extend the life of your carpet to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Whether you are breathing the air, walking around barefoot, or watching your kids roll around on the carpet with their toys, you want the peace of mind that comes with professionally cleaned carpet. If you live near the Dallas – Fort Worth area, contact Snyder’s Carpet Care today for a free estimate. We fight dirty so you don’t have to!

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