Cedar Hill Texas Carpet Cleaning Company introduces STAINMASTER

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Cedar Hill Texas Carpet Cleaning Company, Christine Snyder owner of Snyder’s Carpet Care introduces her flooring product of the month, STAINMASTER.

Maybe the time has come to look at replacing the carpets in your home. Or perhaps you’re thinking of replacing flooring with carpeting. There is such a variety of products on the market that it can be overwhelming to make an informed choice. Here’s what the folks at Snyder’s Carpet Care and Carpet Direct have to say:

  • My carpet looks really dirty and worn in the high-traffic areas. Wouldn’t it be better to replace it with hardwood flooring? The truth is that paying a little more can get you A LOT more carpet, especially if in that the length of time your carpet will remain beautiful and be the pride of your home. The secret is choosing Stainmaster carpets. Stainmaster carpets take technology and use it to keep your home clean and beautiful every day of the year. They use a special technology called 6,6 fibers with patented shapes to make it more difficult for substances to get deep into the carpet. Hardwood flooring does also look beautiful, but only if it’s maintained properly and fits your life style. For instance, Hardwoods do not respond well to wet conditions or scratches from children or animals. Stainmaster has carpets fitting every kind of comfort level and need.
  • How can the fiber shape make a carpet more stain resistant? That’s the thing. It’s not just the shape – Stainmaster uses a unique patented molecular structure that is stain resistant itself; it’s very essence keeps stains from penetrating deeply into your carpet in the first place. The shape and chemical composition work together to give you cleaner carpet over a longer period of time.
  • I always enjoy my new carpets, but after they’ve been cleaned once or twice, I can’t get stains out anymore no matter how which stain removers I use. That’s true because most carpets have a stain resistant treatment on them when you purchase them, but professional cleaning removes it. Over time, you will have difficulty getting spots out – especially more notorious ones like pet stains, liquids (orange/red soda, grape juice), and other tough stains.
  • The difference with Stainmaster is the stain resistance is in the very fibers of the carpet – it can’t be removed regardless of how many times you have your carpets cleaned. This is particularly apparent in heavily-soiled, high-traffic areas.

Stainmaster carpets remain stain resistant over the entire lifetime of your carpet. In short, they stay 30% cleaner 50% longer than comparable carpets with stain resistant treatments. Take the technology Stainmaster offers and make an investment in your home that you will appreciate every step of the way – each and every day.

  • Whatever your flooring preferences, schedule your free consultation. Representatives from Snyder’s Carpet Care and Carpet Direct will be happy to talk with you about your flooring needs. We are experts on working WITHIN your budget.

Cedar Hill Texas Carpet Direct Flooring Company Christine Snyder agent of Carpet Direct Flooring Company  provides all types of floor care.  We have been providing quality Carpet Care in North Texas for over 8 years.  Serving both residential and commercial clients.  Our services extend to Cedar Hill, Desoto, Duncanville, Midlothian, Grand Prairie,  Red Oak, Ovilla, Arlington, Mansfield and Dallas county residents.


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