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Did you know that carpets regularly attract dust mites?

Dust mites feed on dead shed human skin which amounts for a large part of household dust. Carpeting provides a banquet table for a feast of dust mites. As your family walks around on the carpet, they stir up the settled bits of allergen, causing them to become air-borne. When the dust becomes air-borne the allergens are easily inhaled and trigger an allergic reaction.  Just thinking about dust mites in your carpet can make anyone cringe!

Now we will discuss ways to reduce allergens in your carpeting. A number of studies have been performed on dust mites and the amount of dust mites in your home. Few studies have been completed on all the products out there to reduce dust mites, so finding solutions can be a little tricky.

One specific study done in South Florida did have significant findings in terms of vacuuming and carpet cleaning. They chose a school with carpeting for the test environment. Levels of allergens were measured before the test and after. With routine vacuuming and carpet cleaning they were able to reduce the amount of airborne allergens. Another important element that came out of this study was proper vacuuming. The study tested vacuums with and without filters and found that unfiltered vacuums could release airborne allergens up to four inches off the floor. Please note that using HEPA vacuums is strongly recommended as non HEPA vacuums tend to knock around the dust making it airborne thus making the problem worse.

If you have wood flooring, vinyl and/or tile then be aware that you are not off the hook. While the fibers in carpeting actually trap the dust mite allergens, you’ll need to take extra care to damp mop the floors and keep them free of dust.

Snyder’s Carpet Care recommends the following to reduce your carpet’s allergens:

  • A HEPA Vacuum
  • Airborne Filters – Look for anti-microbial products
  • Damp mop wood, vinyl and tile flooring
  • Use dehumidifiers to keep your humidity below 50%

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