Carpet Cleaning – The Important Middle Ground

Carpet Cleaning – The Important Middle Ground

Carpet Cleaning – The Important Middle Ground

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Let’s talk about practical ways to maintain a home or property.

How do you deal with the everyday accumulation of grit and grime that takes its toll on a living space?

There are a lot of ways to talk about carpet care, but essentially many homeowners break it down into a three-part strategy.

The first most basic tactic is to vacuum the carpet. This is the routine type of maintenance that keeps larger pieces of debris out of the way and makes carpeting look good. But vacuuming by itself does not address ground-in dirt or stains or damage from pet urine. It just scrapes the surface, taking some of the most accessible dirt off.

When the capabilities of the vacuum cleaner have been exhausted, the homeowner then turns to the next step, which is a steam cleaning. Steam cleaning carpets does get more of the ingrained dirt out, and can lift stains, depending on how it’s done.

However, a professional clean can do more than a property owner can do themselves just by going over carpet with a steam cleaner.

Professional crews using commercial-grade equipment can really get an amazing amount of contamination and soil out of carpet. In many cases, it makes the carpet look almost new. Odors and stains and significant damage can be reduced or eliminated with a proper professional deep clean.

The next step is to simply replace carpeting. If the carpeting has degraded to the extent that it doesn’t respond well to professional cleaning, the only way to really improve it is to take it out. The major cost of replacing carpet means that this is the property owner’s “nuclear option” or last resort.

Take a landlord with 10 rental units. He or she will have to make these tactical decisions on a regular basis. After each tenant leaves, the property owner will walk the property and look at flooring to try to figure out which of these various steps will provide the appropriate remedy.

When we talk about fighting dirty at Snyder’s, we’re talking about helping property owners to really get the most bang for their buck and implement solutions that help them to save huge amounts of time and money. Even if, for example, you’re replacing carpets every 10 or 15 years, having professional cleanings can extend the life of carpeting by five years, saving you as much as 40-50% of your budget.

Whether you have extensive properties, or just one house that’s in need of some TLC, call Snyder’s for effective professional carpet cleaning that can give your carpeting new life – if you aren’t ready to simply rip out your flooring and replace it, this is the way to go.

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