4 Reasons to Consider Getting a Rotovac Service

4 Reasons to Consider Getting a Rotovac Service

4 Reasons to Consider Getting a Rotovac Service

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At Snyder’s Carpet Care, we take pride in offering the best options for keeping your flooring looking clean and new. Besides traditional carpet cleaning, Snyder’s Carpet Care can clean tile and grout, apply Scotchgard treatments, and more. One of the specialty services we offer is Rotovac cleaning. If you haven’t heard of Rotovac, it’s something you should consider. Here are four reasons to consider getting Rotovac carpet cleaning from Snyder’s Carpet Care.

Rotovac Uses High Torque Motors for Precision Performance.

One of the main benefits of using Rotovac equipment for carpet cleaning is that it does much of the work for the user. A Rotovac cleaner users dual, high-torque motors that are specially built for precision performance without getting tired quickly. A Rotovac can scrub and clean flooring surfaces better than a human could. The power of the motors ensures that the quality of cleaning remains consistent throughout the area cleaned.

A Rotovac Cleans Carpets From All Directions

Rotovac carpet cleaning costs a little more than traditional carpet care, but there’s a good reason for the price difference. Rotovac cleaning devices cost more, but they provide an intensive cleaning by completing hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes on the carpet. Its rotary vacuum heads rotate at a speed of 250 rpm and can accomplish 1,500 multi-directional cleaning passes in just a minute. To put it another way, it makes 3,000 multi-directional cleaning passes in two minutes! The way Rotovac works can’t be replicated by hand using a traditional carpet, no matter how skilled the user. For high-traffic areas or stubborn stains, a Rotovac cleaning may be the best way to restore the look of the flooring.

Cleans Carpets Faster than Conventional Methods

By using its powerful motors to clean a carpet from multiple directions, a Rotovac can achieve superior cleaning results in less time than a traditional scrub wand. For places that need to get their carpets cleaned quickly and effectively, a Rotovac service can accomplish in minutes what regular scrub wand cleaner would take hours to do. And thanks to a re-engineered vacuum head that creates less overspray, the process is 30 percent drier than conventional carpet cleaning methods. A Rotovac service may be the ideal choice for a business that wants to have their carpets cleaned without keeping an area out of service for long.

Remove the Toughest Stains

Cleaning tough stains on a carpet requires scrubbing the areas from the right direction with the right product and putting some muscle into it. The way a Rotovac cleaner is designed means it can clean tough stains better than a traditional carpet cleaning device. Getting a Rotovac carpet cleaning from Snyder’s Carpet Care can even restore heavily soiled and stained carpets to prime condition. In some cases, it can make carpets look like they’re brand new. Overall, our patented Rotovac Carpet Cleaning will make your carpets look, feel, and stay cleaner longer.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Rotovac carpet cleaning, Snyder’s Carpet Care is here to help. Send us a message online. We can answer your questions about Rotovac and let you know if it’s right for your needs. And if you already prefer the Rotovac benefits for your residential or commercial cleaning job, simply request “Rotovac” when scheduling your carpet cleaning.

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